Interior boundary conditions in Helmholtz solver module

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Interior boundary conditions in Helmholtz solver module

Post by melBr » 24 Aug 2016, 11:50

Hi Elmer Community,

I have a question regarding interior boundary conditions in the Helmholtz solver module.
I have tried to model interior, sound-reflecting walls by imposing a wave flux of zero on the corresponding surfaces; however, it seems that Elmer only sets the wave flux on one side of the considered, interior surfaces, not both.
Is there a way to impose the wave flux on both sides of the surface, like for example by utilizing the -discont property of ElmerGrid?

I would further like to export the velocity field in order to verify my boundary condition.
I have tried to do so with the save scalar module, but obviously haven't found the correct keyword, yet, as Elmer neither accepts 'Velocity' nor 'Wave Flux'.
Is it possible to export the material's velocity, not convection velocity, into the VTU output file?

I would appreciate any hints you could give me.

Thank you and best regards,

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