elmersolver_mpi doesn't exit on completion

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mark smith
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elmersolver_mpi doesn't exit on completion

Post by mark smith » 07 Jun 2016, 14:48

I'm running elmer solver_mpi version 8 (Rev: f0c1adb) on a windows 7 professional OS system and have noticed that when it finishes it mostly hangs and doesn't exit to the cmd window i.e.
the echoes output just ends like so:

ElmerSolver: *** Elmer Solver: ALL DONE ***
ElmerSolver: The end
SOLVER TOTAL TIME(CPU,REAL): 3712.91 3712.91
ELMER SOLVER FINISHED AT: 2016/06/07 12:23:51

I need to hit <ctrl> C to exit back to the cmd line, everything about the run seems to be OK with all the result being written out, so in the most part it is an inconvenience but not a problem.
I'm now wanting to run a series of simulations launched from a batch file but as the programme doesn't exit correctly the batch job will just hang, is this a known problem & if so is there a way (say in the sif file) to get it to finish properly or can someone suggest a work around?

Thanks in advance

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