Problems with installing Elmer/Ice as a virtual appliance

Extension of Elmer in computational glaciology
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Problems with installing Elmer/Ice as a virtual appliance

Post by glebcher » 13 Sep 2018, 16:43


I am an Elmer/Ice beginner. After some unsuccessful attempts to install Elmer and Elmer/Ice with cmake, I was suggested to try installing as a virtual appliance according to instructions in Readme file under ... lMachines/.
As a result, I got installed ElmerSolver version 6.1 instead of current version 8.3. Perhaps, that caused failure of 5 of 52 Elmer/Ice tests and the Toy flow-line model example from Elmer/Ice courses materials. So, the installed version of the program is not able to work.

My question is what I need to change in the installing procedure described under the link above to obtain the current version 8.3?
Perhaps, some update commands must be added or I should use different link?
Hope for any help or advice.

Thanking in anticipation,
Gleb Chernyakov

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