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compiling in a Mac

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 21:50
by bbeltran

I am trying to compile Elmer in a Mac with OS 10.12 Sierra and I have gcc6 installed via MacPorts.
I have run cmake after setting
export FC=gfortran-mp-6
export CXX=g++-mp-6

and cmake and make install have run without problems or compilation errors.
But when I run ctest I get
0% tests passed, 449 tests failed out of 449

where the 449 test give the same error as shown here.

Start 449: vortex3d
449/449 Test #449: vortex3d ................................................***Exception: Other 0.02 sec

449 - vortex3d (OTHER_FAULT)

If I try to run /Users/bbeltran/work/elmer/install/bin/ElmerSolver is get the following error

Bertas-MacBook:bin bbeltran$ ./ElmerSolver
ELMER SOLVER (v 8.3) STARTED AT: 2017/10/11 12:49:36
ParCommInit: Initialize #PEs: 1
MAIN: =============================================================
MAIN: ElmerSolver finite element software, Welcome!
MAIN: This program is free software licensed under (L)GPL
MAIN: Copyright 1st April 1995 - , CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
MAIN: Webpage, Email
MAIN: Version: 8.3 (Rev: caaf6907, Compiled: 2017-10-11)
MAIN: =============================================================
ERROR:: InitializeElementDescriptions: elements.def not found

Any suggestion ?



Re: compiling in a Mac

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 10:35
by FEMUser
Hi Berta,

Did you install Elmer with GUI? If so how did you go around the QT4 issue. In my system I can't compile with GUI.

Re: compiling in a Mac

Posted: 17 Oct 2017, 22:36
by bbeltran
I actually was too quick in posting my question. ElmerSolver was not finding the file because I had a mistake in my definition of $ELMER_HOME. Now that I have corrected it ElmerSolver works fine from the command line. I don't think that I will be using the GUI.



Re: compiling in a Mac

Posted: 28 Aug 2019, 15:47
by mwdawson
I ran into the same error message after compiling on linux ubuntu 16.04. The error was
"ERROR:: InitializeElementDescriptions: elements.def not found"

After some research I figured out that the guidance given in section 17.1 of ElmerSolver manual for setting up the shell variable ELMER_HOME were incorrect. This section should read

export ELMER_HOME=$HOME/elmer/install/bin

The ElmerSolver manual guidance talks about setting variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I don't think this variable is used for anything. I didn't set it and ElmerSolver seem to work just fine. The search logic used by program to find "elements.def" can be found in the subroutine InitializeElementDescriptions in the source file ElementDescription.F90