Installing elmer on CentOS 7

Discussion about building and installing Elmer
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Installing elmer on CentOS 7

Post by acicuta » 29 May 2015, 19:46

I installed elmer on a system that was prepared with a fresh install of CentOS base without any GUI. I used yum to install the necessary compilers and packages.

A word of warning: even if the syste is a dual processor at boot CentOS reports that "In CentOS 7, single threaded, single CPU 64-bit physical systems are unsupported." but this doesn't seem to have any influence on the system itself.

I am pleased to report that everything compiled fine just doing:

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git clone git://
mkdir build
mkdir install
cd build
make -j2 install
ctest -j2
Moreover, elmer passed all 310 tests.


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