Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 01 Mar 2016, 08:45

IEEE Latex Template for Conference Papers
1.How to Use the IEEEtran LATEX Class
2. ... lates.html
6. ... -undefined
7. ... -in-amsart
8. Representation of > and < signs in latex
9. Putting overbraces and underbraces in an equation

ASME latex template formats
1. ... -templates
3. asme-ati-uit-2015
4. Placing one column abstract in a two-column article

Bibliography in Latex Documents
1. ... ibtex2.pdf
4. ... =5&t=22050
5. ... n-texworks
6. ... tation.pdf
latexmk +xelatex some notes
7. ... d-texmaker
8. ... th-latexmk
10. ... /latexmkrc
11. ... Management
12. ... bib-source
13. searching words in latex files and this will be important to find the bibliography references
14. For book or report blank pages appear when declared two sided

Code: Select all

- there is no blank pages

Code: Select all

- blank pages may appear in between several chapters in accordance to the requirements of books and reports
15. multiple table of contents
16. space between words in latex math is denoted by \ symbol
17. hyperref package is used for indicating url in latex
18. hypersetup is used for writing the url in designated color text in latex
19. bibliography style unsrt aka unsorted for citation style
20. using the hyperref package in pdftex

Bibliography considerations in Ubuntu 14.04 Vanilla Texlive 2015 using Texmaker Xelatex-Latexmk
In order to make texmaker know the contents of filename_reference.bib and write into mainfile.bbl, the following command has to be put into the Texmaker configure settings.
1) Options-->> Configure Texmaker -->> Tex Commands
  • a) Replace

    Code: Select all

    latexmk -e "$pdflatex=q/pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode/" -pdf %.tex

    Code: Select all

    latexmk -e "$pdflatex=q/xelatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode/" -pdf %.tex
    in the box for Latexmk
    b) Press OK.

2) Options-->> Configure Texmaker -->> Tex Quick build
  • a) Select User (% : filename without extension) for ticking and maker the following selections

    Code: Select all

    xelatex latexmk xelatex latexmk

    and when ok is done
    the following is made as settings

    Code: Select all

    xelatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex|latexmk -e "$pdflatex=q/pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode/" -pdf %.tex|xelatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex
    Here, the latexmk has to be aligned with xelatex instead of pdflatex, so the above code has to be edited by replacing ... latexmk -e "$pdflatex=q/pdflatex ... as ... latexmk -e "$pdflatex=q/xelatex ...

    Code: Select all

    xelatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex|latexmk -e "$pdflatex=q/xelatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode/" -pdf %.tex|xelatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex
    b) Press ok
3) After doing steps 1 and 2, the mainfile.tex can be compiled with the Quickbuild action (in my context, i have to compile the mainfile.tex 3 times with Quickbuild option to get the bibliography included in the final pdf textfile).

4). This is equivalent to jumping into the directory containing the mainfile.tex in the terminal and typing the following commands in sequence.

Code: Select all

$xelatex mainfile.tex
$latexmk -xelatex mainfile.tex 
$xelatex mainfile.tex
$xelatec mainfile.tex 
(i) xelatex (in mainfile.tex) generates the AUX file. It adds a line every time it finds a cite
(ii)latexmk -xelatex (in mainfile.tex) generates the BBL (from the AUX lines).
(iii)xelatex (in mainfile.tex) includes the BBL generated from the above second step.
(iv)xelatex (in mainfile.tex) makes any updates corresponding to including the possibly massive BBL (e.g., updating our final page count on each of our pages, updating our ToC,so on etc.)
13. ... f=5&t=2011

Citation Styles of bibliography using natbib in Latex
1. ... -or-author
2. ... out-author
3. ... -in-bibtex
4. citation of technical reports
5. ... mpared.pdf

Referencing figures, tables and equations in Latex
1. ... r-citation
2. ... x-document

Latex Beamer Presentation Design
1. ... n-headline
3. ... yq7QULANC0
4. ... -as-slides
6. ... -3_en.html
7. ... eamer2.pdf
8. ... torial.pdf
9. ... uensch.pdf
10. ... Beamer.pdf
12. Figure and texts together in beamer presentation 13. Table in latex beamer = + Concept or tutorials on multicolumn
14. Large tables in latex beamer
15. Block width in Latex Beamer Presentation Format Bracket and parentheses in Latex
1. ... arentheses

Page numbering ... mpty-pages ... ank_spaces ... ?f=5&t=994

Mathematics in latex template
1. ... iscrepancy
2. ... transforms

Using graphicx package in latex[\u]
1. using the graphicx path command
2. Specify the graphics path
3. How to use the \graphicspath
4. How to use graphics in LaTeX

Matrix in Latex Format
1. ... x-in-latex

Table and tabular format in latex

cv, research statement and teaching statement at Stanford University website in latex format ... of-purpose
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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 26 Mar 2016, 19:52

Heart Stents : Bio-materials
2. Bio-corrosion of magnesium alloys
3. Biodegradable materials for heart stents
4. Effectiveness of Biodegradable Magnesium Alloy Stents in Coronary Artery and Femoral Artery.
5. Polymer versus metal in heart stents
7. Stainless steels as heart stents material

Dynamics and Computer Simulation
1. ... AC2010.pdf
3. copper and diffusion in copper
4. Characterization of bubbles under laminar flow conditions
5. An enthalpy method for characterizing eutectic solidification numerically
CMS Models
1. ... Method.pdf
2. ... TEXT01.pdf
3. ... -Model.pdf
4. General framework for dynamic substructuring
6. Substructure coupling for dynamic analysis and testing
7.Model order reduction in elastic multibody systems
8. ... 0910924807
9. Thesis on reduced ordered modeling of flexible multibody system
10.Coupling of substructures for dynamic analyses
11. An accurate method for dynamic substructuring
12. ... 7114008294
13. ... /5956/3081
15. ... GT-533.pdf
16. Energy absorption of nanocomposite laminates
18. ... te2001.pdf
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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 06 Apr 2016, 08:42

Threads for Phase Change Model of Heat Solver Enthusing Discussions in Elmer Forum (Title - Thread Starter's username) Links for theoretical understanding of numerical methods in PCM (Phase Change Material)
21. Mathematical solutions and numerical models of PCM phase transformations
22. PCM or phase change simulation with ELMER software
23. the solidification behaviour of phase change material
24. Transient thermal analysis of phase change material based heat sinks
25. structural viscosity of solids
26. structure and viscosity of sn
27. numerical modeling of sessile drop test in sn alloy
28. Transient behaviour of semi solid liquid sn alloy
29. viscosity of Sn0.7cu alloys via arrhenius equation
30. Microstructure and viscosity of semi-solid Sn15%Pb Alloy
31. Numerical modeling of thixoforming process
32. Importance of melt flow in solidifying zone
33. Thermodynamic modeling for solidification of binary alloys of Cu
34. Lecture notes on solidification processing
35. Modeling of thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of lead free alloys
36. Binary fluid solidification in a finite volume flow solver
37. Thesis on planetary science and earth(geoscience) using Elmer my M. Ulvrova

Phase-change Literatures for Comsol Software
1. ... ion-metal/
2. ... asting.pdf
3. dendritic solidification in comsol
4. Discussion of Julien Gilvernaud with Michael about phase change
5. Modeling convection during melting of a material
6. ... sition.pdf
7. ... change.pdf
8. a thesis in numerical modeling on lead melting under the influence of natural convection
9. Effect of thermodiffusion on heat transfer, fluid flow and solidification of Sn-Bi solder
10. Heat transfer and fluid flow during solidification of metal under magnetic field
11. Mathematical modeling of transport phenomena during solidification of metal alloys
12. Ph D dissertation on properties of solid and liquid lead free solder alloys
13. Ph d dissertation in creep study of Sn3.5Ag alloys
14. Joining using semi solid metals
15. Non-newtonian material models for casting process
16. Dynamic viscosities of Sn, SnCu and SnAgCu alloys
17. Correlation between viscosity of molten Cu–Sn alloys and phase diagram
18. Rheological property of semi-solid solder Sn-Pb
19. Rheological behaviour modeling of semi-solid metal slurries Part I and Part II
20. semi-solid metals processing fundamentals and theories
21. mushy-zone rayleigh number for alloys
22. Wetting characterisitics of Pb-free solder alloys
23. Modeling phase change material
24. FEM of solid to solid phase change material
25. solid to solid phase change material

Properties of Air/Gas
1. ... d_156.html
2. ... 0.app2/pdf
3. ... 0-HEAT.pdf
4. ... lat-plate/
5. Film temperature
6. Natural convection from an isothermal horizontal plate
7. ... tplate.pdf
8. Conjugate natural convection from a horizontal plate
9. Natural convection from an isothermal vertical plate
10. Optimal wetting testing in Cu-liquid Sn system
11. thermochemistry of joining metals and alloys
12. Low melting points of Sn and SnAg solders containing Bi
13. Microvoid elimination and prevention procedures

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
1. Numerical heat transfer and fluid flow by Suhas V. Patankar, 1980
2. Numerical simulation of heat transfer and fluid flow-J. R. Pacheo 2005
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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 23 Apr 2016, 05:54

Hele-shaw cell, Bubbles and contact angles - concepts
3. ... 4639&tag=1
5. The angle of contact is always measured through the liquid
6. ... ics_06.pdf
7. ... s/J056.pdf
8. ... 315-en.pdf
9. AEH method in composite materials
10. Reflow soldering as a hele shaw process
11. Modeling Hele Shaw flow process
12. Modeling Hele Shaw or Plane Poiseuille process with open boundary
13. one dimensional laminar flow
14. Hele-shaw flows historical overview by A. Vasilev
15. Thesis on mathematical formulation of bubbles in hele shaw cell by M. Dallaston (2013)
16. Two dimensionals solidification and melting in potential flows by L. Cummings et al (2006)
17. Modeling pinch-off and reconnection in Hele shaw cell
18. Thesis in boundary problems in hele-shaw cell by A. H. Khalid (2015)
19. Poiseuille and Hele-shaw flow of non-newtonian fluids in Thesis by X. Yin (2001)

Visualization in Paraview Software
1. ... l-tutorial
2. ... rsOpen.pdf
3. ... ession.pdf
4. ... torial.pdf

Modeling corrosion of aluminum/metals/steels/ with carbon cathode
1. ... Steels.pdf
2. ... d-polymers
3. ... _Track.pdf
4. ... 114556.pdf
6. ... rosion.pdf
7. Dissertation on precipitation on Austenitic Steels at high temperature
8. Environmentally assisted degradation of stainless steels in LWRs
9. sensitization and intergranular corrosion in stainless steel
10. Pitting and crevice corrosions on offshore conditions
11. Resistance to corrosion and passivity of 316L stainless steel
12. The use of FEM in the modeling of localized corrosion
13. sites for literature of corrosion
14. crevicer design and documentation
15. crevicer start and installation
16. J.Comp. Physics Mamba BDM two phase chemical reactions code
17. mamba files to produce the results of paper discussed in step 16
18. ReActiveTransport(RAT) application description in MOOSE framework
19. Effect of EP on corrosion resistance of 316L steel
20. Notes on corrosion resistance of 316L steel due to electropolishing
21. Aluminum and chromium oxide
22. Phase field model for pitting corrosion
23. Phase field model for thermal oxidation in case of zirconia
24. precipitation and oxidation modeling
25. Phase field modeling of ZrH
26. Phase field model for hydrogen diffusion and hydride precipitation in Zr alloys
27. Metal Hydrides - an introduction
28. Hydrogen embrittlement of steel pipelines
29. Hydrogen embrittlement for metals
30. Corrosion of microsystems by G. Schmitt
31. Electrochemical microsystem technologies - CRC press
32. Electrochemical migration in Sn-based solders - by D Q Yu et al (2006)
33. Hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods and their field emission
34. Definition of Nersnt Equation
35. Echem++ software
36. User manual for GUI of ECHEM++ - ModSim
37. Files source for Echem++ software
38. Examples for ModSim
39. Analytical Chemistry - an introduction
40. MITRem simulation of electrochemical growth of a single nucleus
41. A coupled Finite Element Approach for Electrochemical Systems
42. Metallic Electromigration Phenomena by S. J. Krumbein (1989)

Electrodeposition of Al on Stainless Steel
1. Molten salt method for electrodeposition
2. Ionic liquid electrodeposition of Al
3. Room temperature electrodeposition of Aluminum
4. Morphology of aluminum electrodeposited from molten salt
5. Numerical model of electrodeposition of Al
6. Stirring effect of Aluminium coatings electrodeposited in ionic liquids
# Electrochemical modeling and analysis
7.Modeling of coating of Zinc in COMSOL software
8. Literature.dissertation of Zinc ECM properties by Eduard Guerra-2003
9. Electrodeposition of Zn by Popov et al - 1978
10. ECM or electrodeposition of aluminum modeling
11. Electrodeposition of Cu on Cobalt Chrome in COMSOL by Santosh Kumar Suggu - 2014
12. Mathematical modeling of rechargeable hybrid batteries in COMSOL
13. Numerical modeling - 1
14. Numerical modeling -2
15(i). A good note on Elmer Software
15(ii.) ... 3515090049
15(iv) ... 5314010191
#Electrowinning of Zinc from Solutions Articles
16. ... 007-9377-2
17. ... 8611006773
18. ... 9015008147
19. ... 600911.pdf
20. Electrodeposition of Al on Brass by B. Nayak and M.M. Mishra
21. Electrodeposition of Al from Molten Salt Materials Chemistry and Physics
22. Electrodeposition of Al on Cu in Lewis Acid
23. Electrochemical behaviour of Al electrode in molten salt
24. Hyper-dendritic nanoporous zinc foam
25. For zinc anode butler volmer kinetics
26. Lecture notes on Butler Volmer kinetics parameters

Betty S del Duca a.k.a.Elizabeth Spahr
1. Electrochemical behaviour of Al in molten salt electrolytes in Journal of Electrochemical Society
2. Electrochemical behaviour of aluminum in molten salt electrolytes
3. Introduction of Dr. Betty a.k.a Dr. Elizabeth
4. Researchgate- Electrochemical behaviour of B in aqueous Electrolytes
5. Electrochemical behaviour of B in aqueous Electrolytes - NASA

Electrodeposition modeling in COMSOL
1. ... cell-13293
3. ... ?setlang=1
4. ... ted-metal/

Fundamentals of EIS and Rct
1. ... ctroscopy/
2. Chronoamperometry tests
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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 08 May 2016, 12:45

Natural convection modeling in Elmer
1. ... a_etal2012

Thermal conductivity of solid and liquid tin
1. heat conductivity in solid and liquid tin
2. thermal conductivity of solid metals
3. Wiedemann-Franz law and thermal conductivity of solid-liquid tin
4. Thermal conductivity of liquid tin and indium
5. Thermal conductivity of liquid lead-free solders
6. Ratio of liquid to solid thermal condcutivity
7. Thermal conductivity of liquid metals J. I. Kineke 1967 MS Thesis
8. Thermal conductivity
9. Ratio of liquid to solid thermoelectric properties in Sn based alloys
10. Determination of thermal conductivities of solid and liquid phases in Sn and Sn-Mg Alloys (k_l > k_s in pure Sn)
11. Thermal coefficients and conductivity of Sn, Ag and their binary alloys
12. MD simulation of thermal conductivity in LAMMPS
13. Tutorial on thermal conductivity calculation in liquid metals
14. Thermal conductivity calculation of Sn in LAMMPS
15. NEMD method for calculation of thermal condcutivity of material
16. Calculating thermal conductivity in a transient conduction regime
17. MD with LAMMPS software by A. L Ferguson
18. MD and thermal transport at nanoscale
19. Thermal conductivity of liquid metalls and alloys
20. Molecular dynamics study of tin
21. Diffusion and viscosity of liquid tin by Molecular Dynamics - reference literature on the use of potential
22. Molecular dynamics simulations Presentation by Puccini
23. Effective interionic potentials of alkali metals
24. Size dependent thermal conductivity of single walled CNT
25. Thermal conductivity of single walled CNT in 24
26. A good lecture note on interatomic potential
27. Equilibrium and thermodynamic properties of liquid tin - Raves and Baskes (1997)
28. Thermophysical properties of undercooled alloys - a review
29. A MD study of tin and its crystal and ppt presentation
30. Atomistic modeling of Sn adatoms by M. Seller 2010
31. Reference 27 cited in MEAM potential related article of Sn by M. Seller et al (2010)
32. viscosity of liquid silicon
33. Green-kubo formalism for diffusion and viscosity of liquid tin
34. Ab-intio molecular dynamics study of viscosity and other properties of liquid tin
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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 21 May 2016, 13:54

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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 30 May 2016, 17:45

Research in Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys
1. Magnesium based alloys for aerospace and automotive applications
2. Magneisum Technology 2016 - Wiley
3. Vascular bioreactor
4. Ultralight magnesium lithium alloys
5. Kinetics for the bioscientists

Electrochemical Migration(ECM)
1. ECM phenomenon in Sn-based solders
2. Corrosion and environmental effects on electronics
3. Electrochemical migration on electronic chip resistors in chloride environments
4. Masteral dissertation on Electrochemical Migration
5. DFRsolutions presentation on ECM, Hilman2010
6. Kinetic analysis of ECM on printed circuit boards using Nernst Planck equation
7. Electrolyte selection
8. Supporting electrolyte to make a voltametry quantitatively diffusional
9. ECM of tin in thin electrolyte layer containing cl ions
10. T.R. Fergusion Ph D thesis on ECM in Li ion batteries 2014
11.NET of Li-ion Battery
12. Modeling of Species and Charge Transport in Li–Ion Batteries Based on Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics
13. Theory of Chemical Kinetics and Charge Transfer based on Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics
14. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and electrokinetic phenomenon in biological processes
15. Phase field modeling of Electrochemistry - ppt
16. Phase field modeling of Electrochemistry i Equilibrium
17. Phase field modeling of Electrochemistry ii Kinetics
18. Non-linear PFM for electrodeposition in electrochemical systems
19. Effect of grain boundary energy on whisker growth
20. a ph d thesis structure on ECM
21. Electrochemical migration FEM based study
22.Trends in computational simulations of electrochemical processes
23. DFT simulation of lithium ion batteries
24. On the mechanism of ECM in Sn material
25. Effect of Zn, Ge doping on ECM performance of solder joints
26. Olympus SZX12 stereo microscope for ECM in-situ observation
27. Factors leading to ionic migration
28. Coupling of drift, diffusion and electroconvection at the vicinity of electrodeposits
29. Aluminum anodization in distilled water
30. Water deionization for electroplating
32. Kinetics of electrochemical nucleation and growth
33. Electrochemical dynamics of nanometallic inclusions in dielectrics
34. ... 011-0856-8
35. Nernst-planck equation solution Electrochimica Acta
36. ...
38. Sn based solder electrochemical parameters and characterization
39. Literatures and introduction about Corrtest TM
40. Anode surface concentration of Zn - NASA
41. E.R. Cole (1970) dissertation on Zn based electrolysis
42. Mathematical modeling of a zinc electrowinning cell
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