General installation information

Discussion about building and installing Elmer
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General installation information

Post by mal » 21 Aug 2009, 14:21

Dear Elmer Users

This forum is dedicated to general discussion about installing Elmer on various platforms. Below are some pointers for installation and compilation:

  • Virtual machine based on Ubuntu (or older on Linux Mint) provides the best possible environment with many auxiliary software and
    parallel environment. The virtual machines for Windows are hosted by The 32-bit Ubuntu version under VMPlayer should work under any OS. The password for the virtual machines is "elmerfem". The size of the VM is several Gb so be aware that you absolutely require a fast connection!
  • Windows users can install Elmer by using an automated installer hosted by SourceForge.Net
  • There are also some older version and experimental builds available under
  • Some Linux distributions, such as CAELinux or Ubuntu, come with ready compiled packages of Elmer. Unfortunately these tend to be somewhat
    outdated so they are not recommended if you need the fresh features. It is recommended to check the compilation date of the distribution.

  • If you are installing Elmer from source, please have a look at the generic compilation instructions. This gives you the overall idea but might not be the best for a particular platform.
  • Compilation information for various platforms can be found from elmerfem wiki. These instructions are provided by the community and it is difficult to assess how relevant they are.
Note to users of the Virtual Machine: The password "elmerfem" is assumed to be typed with a keyboard with standard qwerty layout (Finnish, English, German,...). A notable exception here is the French keyboard where the letter "m" is located differently.

Note to users of Windows installer: Your account should be equipped with administrator privileges when running the installer. If your setup is really old you may also have to download and install the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package from MS Download Center.

Edit: updated some information and added additional pointers, 26.9.2013 / Peter

Best regards,

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Re: General installation information

Post by Nick Name » 16 Feb 2013, 12:39

I followed all instructions but after downloading elmer last version from source forge and the VC recommended I still do not have an application file to start the program.
I make somewhere an error I am not aware of.
I would appreciate to have a detailed listing of the operations to be done in order to obtain a full active "elmer" so that when choosing a file it will start.
I am not a programmer only a user accustomed to other FEA soft and I am really interested to start and use ELMER because of its roader spectrum.
Thanking in advance
Nick Name

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Re: General installation information

Post by raback » 16 Feb 2013, 12:45


It may be that the installer does not have rights to add all the definitions. If you install as admin you should be able to get those right too. Or you could add the path definitions and icons manually if you don't have the rights.


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