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Re: New Windows installers

Post by saekit » 24 Mar 2020, 16:35


This is my first post to Elmer Discussion Forum :D

I found a bug of unordered boundary numbers and the bug is critical when saving/loading a project (possibly body numbers, too). The bug happens when compiled with Qt5. The bug-fix is included in the latest pull request #204 (or, you can avoid the bug by compiling with Qt4.)


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Re: New Windows installers

Post by raback » 26 Mar 2020, 15:03

Hi Saeki,

Welcome to the forum and thanks a lot for your great work with ElmerGUI. You have gotten rid of many annoying bugs and added many useful features.

I just recompiled the "gui-nompi" and "gui-mpi" versions to include your latest updates. They can be found under ... dows-test/

Unfortunately we haven't had time to resolve the issue with oce (OpenCASCADE). That is the only missing part that would make these installers official.


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