Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 04 Jun 2018, 02:51

Wetting boundary conditions for Phase Field Models
1. ... 2/fld.3975
2. ... 015-9551-2

Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) of Aluminum
1. ... ufacturing
2. Y.S. Hwang's dissertation on multiphysics PFM for melting and superheating of Al nanolayer and nanoparticles

Solid Mechanics and Tensor Mechanics of Cu6Sn5 IMC
1. Stress analysis on intermetallics compounds S.F. Choudhary, 2016
2. ... via%3Dihub
3. ... 0911-3.pdf
4. ... 5416300933

Conversion of bibliography from ris format to bibtex format

Research group of Professor Ying Sun
Complex fluid and multiphase transport laboratory

Research works and scientific contributions from Professor Nestler's Laboratory and University ... hungen.php

Tensorlab and Matlab Works
2. ... 4Feb16.pdf
4. ... igures.pdf
5. ... m/mtexmail

1. Software (Opensource) for bioinformatics (for leukemia treatment) developed primarily in INRIA
2. Bonsai project
3. Role of bioinformatics in fighting leukemia
4. ... ation3.pdf

6. ... ology).pdf

Python language for data analysis
1. Analytics vidhya

Phase field modeling of welding and precipitation/dissolution
1. PFM of welding and numerical optimization
2. ... c6ra28628c ... 5495002359
Dissertation by Hai Fu
Basics of Ternary Phase Diagram

Research works on complex fluids & Multiphase transport laboratory
Parallel MD simualtions of oxidation dynamics and reactive wetting in metal/ceramic systems
Dissertation phase field model for surface energy driven processes by Klara Asp Gronhagen

Gantt Charts in Latex
1. ... antt_plots
2. ... fgantt.pdf

tutorials from stack-exchanges
1. ... antt-chart
2. ... -left-side
3. ... chart?rq=1
4. ... bar-labels
5. ... recognised

latex template for KU Leuven presentation slides

Research Portal
1. Professor Nele Moelans
2. Dr. David Seveno
3. Dr. Muxing Guo
4. Professor Bart Blanpain
5. Professor Patrick Wollants

Latex templates for CV
1. ... cademic-CV

Aluminides in turbine blades
1. ... index.html

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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 17 Sep 2018, 00:44

Windows subsystem for linux (WSL)
1. Installation of VcXsrv followed by installation of nautilus and grsync

Code: Select all

$ sudo apt install nautilus && sudo apt install grsync
2. Transfer of files from Windows to Ubuntu , and vice-versa
a. Windows to Ubuntu file transfers
Reference: ... -subsystem

Code: Select all

$ cd /mnt/c/Users/<ubuntu.username>/Pictures
b. Ubuntu to Windows file transfers
Reference: ... ows-10-wsl

Code: Select all

3. Conda environment and python versions
Reference: ... ython.html
and, ... quickstart
If conda is installed with python3, then conda environment for python 2.7 can be utilized via:

Code: Select all

$ conda create -n py27 python=2.7 anaconda
For activation of python2 environment

Code: Select all

 $ source activate py27
For deactivating the active environment

Code: Select all

 (py27) ...$ source deactivate 
Notes: For newer versions of Anaconda,
If your shell is Bash or a Bourne variant, enable conda for the current user with

Code: Select all

  $ echo ". /home/romagurung/anaconda3/etc/profile.d/" >> ~/.bashrc
or, for all users, enable conda with

Code: Select all

 $ sudo ln -s /home/romagurung/anaconda3/etc/profile.d/ /etc/profile.d/
The above options replace the following task:

Code: Select all

  $ echo "export PATH="/home/romagurung/anaconda3/bin:$PATH" " >> ~/.bashrc

4. Alias of paraFoam as builtin in Ubuntu (WSL) ... linux.html

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Re: Using multiple softwares for performing a simulation

Post by annier » 04 Oct 2018, 01:33

PRISMS-PF software
1. An opensource framework for PFM
2. Opensource finite element library
3. ... ereqs.html
6. Installation of cmake in ubuntu
7. docker for software installations
8.!topic ... l7uZ1Exw5o

Software installation guide in HPC cluster
1. general method

Research group on rechargeable Li ion battery

Language and literature arts
1. dutch grammar in forum word reference
2. dutch grammar noun and articles

HPC introduction
3. ... ml#start_6
4. ... i-and-gnu/

Machine Learning some useful concepts
1. ... ation-gain
3. ... aee2709e32
5. ... /Lez12.pdf
6. ... es%202.pdf

Grand potential
1. Phase diagram

Machine Learning
1. Convex hull for ROC curves
2. Probability approximately correct (PAC) learning
3. Interactive tutorials on numerical optimization by Ben Frederickson
4. Lecture notes on loss functions and numerical optimization

ThermoCALC and computational thermodynamics
1. Thermodynamic description of Cu-Bi system
2. Thermodynamic description of Cu-Sn system
3. Presentation on DICTRA software
4. Documentation on ThermoCALC software
5. Princples and methods on elementary phase diagrams
6. Notes on thermodynqmic modeling and calphad
7. Introduction to CALPHAD method and CEF (Compound Energy Formalism)
8. CALPHAD method and its roles in materials model and process developments (U.R. Kattner)
10. Thermodynamic description of Ni-Al-O system
11. Thermodynamics of Ni-Al-O by Elrefaie1981
12. Oxidation of Ni-Cr-Al study by Mueller2007
13. NIST repository for thermodynamic database
14. Thermodynamic description of reactive kinetics in Ni-Al nanolayers

pdf to word converter and other tools

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