Compilation on HPC

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Compilation on HPC

Postby Will01 » 06 Sep 2013, 11:25

Hi there,

Does anyone has any experience on how to compile the Elmer parallel version on a public HPC? It doesn't give me any access to the /usr/local or /opt/ folder, do I need to change the makefile accordingly? if so, how to change it?
It seems the Mumps library is not available for downloading instantly, does anyone have a link to download it?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Compilation on HPC

Postby NickR7 » 11 Sep 2013, 00:12

You'll want to look at both of these: ... 28Linux%29

I recommend you make a folder in your home directory called maybe 'bin'. You can set to install to ~/bin/elmer using the prefix option, like

./configure --prefix=$HOME/bin/elmer
make install

However, you should specify other optimization options too, as listed in the 'parallel build' link I gave you. Especially, you should install ACML if you are using an AMD machine or MKL for intel machine and use those instead of the generic BLAS/LAPACK so it might be something like

./configure --prefix=$HOME/bin/elmer --with-blas="-L$HOME/lib/acml4.4.0/gfortran64/lib -lacml -lacml_mv" --with-lapack="-L$HOME/lib/acml4.4.0/gfortran64/lib -lacml -lacml_mv"

As for MUMPS and HYPRE, I recommend you get it to work without them first, then add them later. I think you have to register or something to download MUMPS.
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Re: Compilation on HPC

Postby Will01 » 11 Sep 2013, 14:48

Thanks a lot, I have successfully installed the serial version on the HPC. I downloaded the Mumps library and will let you know if there is any problem.
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