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magnetostatic with mesh morphing

Posted: 03 Feb 2017, 18:33
by teofilBitron
In this little example I'll resolve the magnetic field around an horseshoe permanent magnet.
Interesting, in my opinion, are the way in which the magnetization Body force is given and the mesh update in order to fast evaluate different iron position between the magnet and the ferromagnetic bar.

The mesh zip is 2.4Mb and I can not upload it.

My question is, are there a way in order to evaluate the magnetic force between the magnet and the iron bar?

Many thanks in advance, Alex

Re: magnetostatic with mesh morphing

Posted: 03 Feb 2017, 19:34
by kataja
This looks quite nice!

The cleanest way to have total magnetic forces calculated per group of bodies is to utilize the component sections and nodal forces.

For that you need to have section like this

Code: Select all

Component 1
  master bodies(n) = k_1 k_2 ... k_n ! the id numbers of the bodies where the forces are collected
  calculate magnetic force = logical true
This will collect the total magnetic force acting on bodies k_1, k_2, ... k_n.

Also, you need to have

Code: Select all

 calculate nodal forces = true 
in the MagnetoDynamicsCalcFields solver and, if you want to have the component results saved to a file,

Code: Select all

 save component results = true 
in the SaveScalars solver.

There is an example in elmer tests where you can see more here: ... e/case.sif

By the way, may we (as CSC - Finnish IT Center for Science) use your example in our Elmer materials?


Re: magnetostatic with mesh morphing

Posted: 04 Feb 2017, 12:29
by teofilBitron
Thank you for your replay. On Next Monday I'll try it. Obviously, I Think that coluld also be possible to use those Forces as loads for a subsequent structural analysis.
In order to share the case, how could I upload the mesh that is great than the size limit?

Re: magnetostatic with mesh morphing

Posted: 03 Oct 2018, 19:26
by lazyTom
Hi Alex,

You can, for example, split the zip file in two or more smaller files directly with winzip. Or decrease mesh density.