Notepad++ highlighting for SIF files

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Notepad++ highlighting for SIF files

Postby dmitry » 24 Feb 2016, 21:57

Greetings Elmer users!
During my work with Elmer I found that in some cases it is convenient to work directly with SIF files instead of using ElmerGUI.
But utilizing Notepad or default editor in the case where we have coupled solvers, a lot of bodies, BCs, BFs etc. is quite heavy.

I really like Notepad++ and it helps me again :) I simply create a syntax where hiding blocks of sif is available. Also there is some highlighting for constants. If you are interested, you can download it from my cloud:

I use following markers to open groups of code related to different types of settings:
  • !constants
  • !bodies
  • !BF
  • !materials
  • !eqns
  • !solvers
  • !IC
  • !BC
The groups may be closed by !group_end

Single sections like "Header", "Simulation", "Solver i", etc. may be opened by !block marker and closed directly by End operator.

You can see exemples of work with Notepad++ below from my cloud:

As you can see it is possible to work in "OpenSCAD style".
That's all for now!

PS: It is just simplification of work, nothing else ;) If someone knows more convenient way of sif editing, please welcome.
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Re: Notepad++ highlighting for SIF files

Postby JustDoIt » 04 Sep 2017, 13:12

I wanted to share a link to the Russian program review Notepad ++
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