ElmerToGmshIndex in SaveUtils.F90

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ElmerToGmshIndex in SaveUtils.F90

Post by kosch »

I'm using ElmerFEM 9.0, Ubuntu 20.04.

In SaveUtils.F90 in the subroutine ElmerToGmshIndex seems to be a wrong array in line 238 for the 20-node Hexahedron. There is the number 12 twice and no number 13.

And one question: Is the if condition around that necassary? I was told that it was causing problems in some cases too and the quick fix to the problem was to comment out the if clause.
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Re: ElmerToGmshIndex in SaveUtils.F90

Post by mika »


I believe these issues have now been fixed in the devel branch of the code repository.

Thanks for reporting,
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