ElmerGrid conversion .ep to .vtu

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ElmerGrid conversion .ep to .vtu

Post by Oromis » 01 Jul 2019, 11:38

Hello all,
I need in a process to have both .ep and .vtu files as outputs of ElmerSolver.
I first wanted to save the case in a .ep file, and use ElmerGrid to convert it in .vtu file.
Writing the following command line gave me no error message but no .vtu file either.

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"<path_to_ElmerGrid\ElmerGrid.exe" 3 5 case.ep
I finally solve my issue with the following code in my .sif file:

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Solver 2
Exec Solver = after timestep
Equation = "result output"
Procedure = "ResultOutputSolve" "ResultOutputSolver"
Output File Name = "case"
Output Format = String "vtu"
Binary Output = True
Save Geometry Ids = True
Ascii Output = True
I allows (if you let the output in .ep format) to get both .ep and .vtu files when solving your case.
Does someone know why this conversion doesn't work?
I am using Elmer 8.2
Find attached my .ep file.
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Re: ElmerGrid conversion .ep to .vtu

Post by kevinarden » 01 Jul 2019, 12:04

I get this error
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

If I do a 3 6 I get this error
Elmergrid saving data with method 6:
SaveAbaqusInput: not designed for 27-node elements

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