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Feature Request - ElmerGUI screen navigation

Posted: 30 Dec 2018, 04:04
by gryphonB
This is regarding the rotation of the screen view using the left mouse button(LMB).
At present, it's difficult to get a view from some angles.
The ElmerGUI version is the one installed from the Elmer Ubuntu repository version 6.1.0 on U16.04, copyright 2008-14

The single best way to organise this is this:
Assume a view looking down the Z axis at the X-Y plane, with Y vertical
A horizontal swipe with the LMB at top or bottom of screen should rotate the view about the Z axis
A vertical swipe on the left or right should do the same.
A vertical swipe in middle of screen should rotate view about X axis
A horizontal swipe in the middle should rotate view about Y axis.
Anything else should be a linear combination of above.

Every 3D program does this, apart from Elmer & Paraview - check out Blender.

I'll finish by saying a big THANKYOU. I could never do what you have done. If I tried, I'd be found slumped over a keyboard, my still growing fingernails locked between the keys!