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Instructions for sending a bug report

Posted: 10 Jun 2010, 23:02
by raback
For a versatile software such as Elmer exhaustive testing is difficult to perform. Therefore the user feedback is important in eliminating the remaining bugs. To help us in locating the bugs we hope that the bug reports could follow the following guidelines:
  • Try to reduce the problem to a minimum in size and complexity so that the problem still persists
  • State your operating system and compilers used/origin of the binary distribution
  • State the version of the code as given by ElmerSolver output (e.g. 5.5.0 (Rev: 4411) )
  • Attach the files (if of moderate size), program output and instructions needed for reproducing the problem
We'll try to inform this forum once the bug have been eliminated. If you are new with Elme and have questions on the proper usage of the software the other forums might be more appropriate.