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elmersolver_mpi crash floating point excecption

Posted: 04 Aug 2016, 20:19
by mark smith
Hi Elmer team
I have just got an elmersolver_mpi crash with quite a large meshed model, the error log is attached. I run on windows 7 professional OS.
The mesh was partitioned using " elmergrid 2 2 mesh -partition 1 1 8 " which reported no problems, smaller meshes have not produced the same error.
Total memory usage up to the crash was about 45Gb out of a total available of 128Gb.
I'm using elmer version 7 rather than 8 as I get too many crashes with the latest versions, but I am using elmergrid from version 8 as this allows export of elmer meshes to vtu format which the version packaged with version 7 doesn't offer.

Does the log hint as to what might be the problem?

Best regards