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Contributor Agreement

Postby philtweir » 07 Jan 2016, 14:19

Good morning! Just to check my understanding is up to date - does the Contributor Agreement currently require assignment? That is, to submit work upstream, would we need to provide an unlimited exemption for CSC to use, redistribute, relicense, etc. our contribution (CLA); or would we actually have to transfer formal IP ownership, receiving such an exemption/license from CSC (CAA/CTA)? My memory is it is the latter, but I cannot see a link to the current document at the moment. While we would be keen to contribute back anything that would be helpful, I am just trying to assess the practicality of getting something beyond relicensing cleared with multiple institutions potentially involved.

For separate solver modules, obviously this is not such an issue, but some core alterations to mesh interpolation to allow coupling of axisymmetric and 3D problems may be of use to others.
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