Coupling solid-BEM with fluid-FEM in Elmer

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Coupling solid-BEM with fluid-FEM in Elmer

Postby hamed » 29 Sep 2015, 17:41

Dear Elmer group
As you know, a boundary element solver was provided in Elmer previously.
Now we intend to extend this boundary element solver for simulation of an elastic solid and couple this solid-BEM solver to fluid-FEM solver of Elmer for FSI simulations.
Considering this, we’ll be grateful if somebody familiar with BEM and FEM of Elmer can give us a vision of the feasibility of this coupling and its hardship.
Regards, Hamed
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Re: Coupling solid-BEM with fluid-FEM in Elmer

Postby raback » 30 Sep 2015, 09:22

Hi Hamed

For BEM the multipole expension is critical in achieving decent scalability. The current implemention for BEM in Elmer can be considered a toy model since the full matrix is assembled limiting the size of the problem quite severely. To me this is the main shortcoming. Currently there is no activity that I know of around the BEM solvers so finding guidance could be difficult.

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