inDOFs utilisation

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inDOFs utilisation

Postby amonnier » 26 Mar 2015, 11:52


I need to create new boundaries elements inside my mesh for use the fluidic force subroutine after a level set description of the boundary position.
I was inspired by the LoadMesh fonction on the MeshUtils module but I stopped by the call of EdgDOFs and FaceDOFs which used a inDOFs(10,6) array. The inDOFs seems be completed with the eio_get_mesh_element_conns subroutine but I did not understand the different case ( case('n'), case('e'), case('f'), case('d'), case('b'), case('p'), ...)

In a nutshell, may you explain the eio_get_mesh_element_conns subroutine, or the inDOFs utilisation ?


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Re: inDOFs utilisation

Postby raback » 26 Mar 2015, 13:52

Hi Amonnier

I don't think that the eio library is used at all anymore.

Anaways, the different elementtypes refer to node, edge, face, bubble, p-element ('d' I don't know). Thus it is possible for the user to create an element with any combination of the degrees of freedom. Or maybe not any, but at least many combinations are supported.

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