Access to a computed flux in another Solver

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Access to a computed flux in another Solver

Postby T_bloom » 20 Jan 2015, 23:38

Hi all,
I am trying to write a user-defined solver for piezo electricity by starting the following steps:
1) calculate electric potential using solver StatElecSolver,
2) calculate electric field using solver Fluxsolver,
3) read in the electric field in solver StressSolver,
In Step 2, the electric field is calculated and stored in variable Potential.flux as part of the output results. But Step 3 is where I cannot access Potential.flux using FORTRAN line "Var => VariableGet( Model % Variables, 'Potential.flux' ) ", hitting Fatal message: 'Variable > Potential.flux < does not exits!

Any relevant suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Humbly asking, please avoid posting general comments such as "read the manual, search the forum, etc".
I could find one posting on piezo simulations on this forum . The example there is not functional though: I tried the example and found that the displacement field is not affected by the electrostatic field.
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Re: Access to a computed flux in another Solver

Postby raback » 21 Jan 2015, 00:55


It is in fact "Potential flux". ElmerPost output format replaces the empty space with a dot at time of writing. Hence there is no "Potential.flux".

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