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HPC Europa3 call deadline February 20th

Posted: 30 Jan 2020, 21:44
by raback
Hi All,

If you happen to be a researcher in the EU area and doing some HPC related activity with Elmer you might consider the following instrument:

It is an provides some means for traveling and lodging, and you get some HPC resources from your host. You could also collaborate with Elmer team near Helsinki, Finland.

Note that this is something that should be mutually benefiting so if you're interested contact us before applying. We do many things but still always there is no synergy. The acceptance ratio of this instrument is pretty high.


Re: HPC Europa3 call deadline February 20th

Posted: 31 Jan 2020, 01:02
by kevinarden
FYI : Google Cloud is offering Cloud computing with Ubuntu as a VM instance. They have $300 credit for trying it out. Since it was an Ubuntu VM, I created one and successfully installed Elmer via the ppa and tested it. I created a 32 GB 8 cpu instance, installed Elmer and ran several test cases with no issues. They have an online SSH tool and an online storage bucket you can transfer files to and from.

From a SSH window, I could do everything on the cloud VM instance I could do locally from a command line.

I could also SSH with X window support to doing GUI and paraview, but it was a bit slow compared to transferring files.