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by gix
05 Dec 2018, 20:11
Forum: ElmerGUI
Topic: problem with multibody simulation (capacitance)
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problem with multibody simulation (capacitance)

dear All I tried a new strategy generating a mesh file with autodesk nastran(student version) case.nas then I convert with gmesh in case.unv and then inporto in Elmer. things seem to be going better but I have problems because the two central bodies pipe+flow and the low potential electrode +cover (...
by gix
29 Nov 2018, 00:34
Forum: External tools
Topic: problem import.inp file from abaqus in elmer
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problem import.inp file from abaqus in elmer

Hi team, I'm really new to elmer and with it to elmergrid. I'm using an abaqus file.inp I tried everything (I think) to get this mesh in Elmer As I understood the command line parameters of elmergrid- I have to type elmergrid 5 2 test.inp -autoclean to translate my .inp-file to .mesh.* so I can use ...