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by ReneeDegutis
03 Dec 2018, 09:24
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: The Way to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
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Re: problem with long input in MATC?

Hi sage12, the MATC expression has a length limit of 128 characters ( ). For expressions longer than 128 characters, we have to formulate a function (the function feature in elmer has no limit in length) and link it as a function in MATC express...
by ReneeDegutis
21 Nov 2018, 09:17
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: Lua functionality in Elmer
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Re: Lua functionality in Elmer

Hi, some of you might have noticed that there is a cmake option "WITH_LUA" available in Elmer. Setting that to true will compile and link Lua 5.1 ( official ) in to elmer solver library. Typically, evaluating Lua expressions is around 5 times faster than their matc counterparts ...