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by pinkie
08 Apr 2018, 09:52
Forum: Contributed Cases
Topic: examples using Bossak or Newmark method for help
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examples using Bossak or Newmark method for help

Hi all,

I would simulate second order motion equations for structural dynamics by using time stepping schemes (e.g. Bossak or Newmark method). But I don't find such examples or guide in So, could some numerical examples for structural dynamics in Elmer be shared ? Thanks.
by pinkie
07 Apr 2018, 07:11
Forum: ElmerPost
Topic: Elmerpost-Paraview doesn't work
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Elmerpost-Paraview doesn't work

Hi, I have freshly installed Elmer on win10 and went through the tutorial (Heat equation). Now as I got to the step of post-processing and I got the case001.vtu file. When I start procedure: Run --->Start Paraview in the ElmerGUI (See attached figure), nothing happens :cry: . Hence, I want to know h...