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by Takala
06 Jun 2018, 14:19
Forum: General
Topic: Performance under Windows vs. Linux?
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Re: Performance under Windows vs. Linux?

Hi, does anyone have experience with Elmer performance under Windows (10) vs. Linux, or are there any comparisons Windows vs. Linux on the same (or comparable) hardware? I might have the option to get a dedicated simulation machine where I have the choice of OS. Thanks for any hint, Matthias Hi Mat...
by Takala
01 Jun 2018, 16:12
Forum: External tools
Topic: FreeCADBatchFEMTools
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Hello, I am pleased to inform you that there is a new pre-processing library for Elmer called FreeCADBatchFEMTools. This library tries to offer the necessary tools for using FreeCAD as a preprocessor for ElmerSolver in batch mode. See:
by Takala
18 May 2018, 07:53
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: Mgdyn shows ~20% of expected flux through a surface
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Re: Mgdyn shows ~20% of expected flux through a surface

Hi Mike, you could try to compute the average flux through some surface by defining a keyword in a boundary section: Boundary 1 Name = "Boundary where flux is computed" Target Boundaries(1) = $ flux_boundary Magnetic Flux Average = Logical True End Another way to compute inductance is via energy. In...
by Takala
16 May 2018, 13:44
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: incorrect magnetic force in 2D axisymmetric magnetic model
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Re: incorrect magnetic force in 2D axisymmetric magnetic model

Also, the distributed patterns of Vector potential line are different in FEMM and Elmer(using Paraview) as followings. Why different ???? Note that in case you have an axisymmetric case, in Paraview, you need to multiply the vector potential with 2 * pi * r if you wish to plot the magnetic field li...
by Takala
05 Dec 2017, 13:22
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: Simple Pipe Acoustics - the very basics
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Re: Simple Pipe Acoustics - the very basics

Thanks Peter for confirming my conclusions that the solver gives wrong results. Now that we are sure about this fact, the next step would be to contact the people who coded the solver and ask them to kindly fix the bug. I don't know who needs to be contacted. Perhaps if you Peter know them, could y...
by Takala
29 Nov 2017, 17:32
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: 3D Magnetization for hundreds of magnets
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Re: 3D Magnetization for hundreds of magnets

Hello, you can do variable magnetization as well with MATC: Body Force 1 Magnetization 1 = Variable Coordinate 1, Coordinate 2, Coordinate 3 Real MATC "f(tx[0], tx[1], tx[2])" End where f(x,y,z) is the function (you need to define that with MATC) that varies the magnetization and tx (i=1,2,3) are th...
by Takala
21 Nov 2017, 15:45
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: electric circuits with ELMER
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Elmer writes FE component equation rows automatically

Hi, Quickly looking at your circuits, they seem mostly fine, but there is one critical problem: When the circuit equations are written, one must avoid defining equations to the component rows. This is because Elmer defines the component rows automatically to the voltage variable row of each componen...
by Takala
24 Oct 2017, 16:59
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: CircuitsAndDynamics
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Re: CircuitsAndDynamics

Hi all, At this moment I use FEMM, but I miss the dynamics. Before doing a large investment into Elmer, I would like do do some experiments (2D). I have attached the first one. It only consists of one square iron bar of 10x10 mm (cross-sectional area 100 mm^2) and a length of 1 m. This bar is conne...
by Takala
02 May 2017, 12:02
Forum: Software development
Topic: ctest Multiple labels
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ctest Multiple labels

Hello, I report here a simple solution to a problem that has been discussed here The problem is: how to run ctest with multiple labels? At the moment this is surprisingly difficult. One needs to use regex. The aforem...