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by Nick Name
10 Oct 2015, 17:48
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Topic: ELMER 7 & 8
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ELMER 7 & 8

I made the error not to look at details so that I downloaded ELMER 8 and lost ELMER 7 on a 32 bit PC. The version 8 is not accepted and I tried to download again ELMER 7 but I found it ONLY as a PAYED source. 1- Is it legal to ask to pay for it ? 2- Can anybody tell me where I can download ELMER for...
by Nick Name
16 Feb 2013, 12:39
Forum: Installation & compilation
Topic: General installation information
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Re: General installation information

I followed all instructions but after downloading elmer last version from source forge and the VC recommended I still do not have an application file to start the program. I make somewhere an error I am not aware of. I would appreciate to have a detailed listing of the operations to be done in order...