Working example demonstrating the parallel solver in ElmerGUI

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This example is written for Elmer running on Linux and/or Unix platforms. You should have Elmer 5.4 rev 3141 or newer built with MPI-support. Compilation instructions for the parallel version instructions can be found from here.


1) Open ElmerGUI

2) Load the project by choosing

File -> Load project...

Select the directory containing the sample files extracted from this package.

3) Solution by the scalar method (single process):

Run -> Solver...
Run -> Post process...

The solution should take approximately 50 seconds, depending on the machine.

4) Parallel solution (multiple processes):

Run -> Parallel setting...

Check "Use parallel solver" and select a number of processes to use, for example two or four. Then proceed as usual:

Run -> Solver...
Run -> Post process...

The solution should now take about 25 seconds on a dual core machine. For a quad-core and more powerful machines, the speedup with respect to the scalar solution should be bigger.

If you have questions related to the usage of ElmerGUI, please visit the discussion forum.