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Name of the source code file: USF_Sliding.f90
Name(s) of contained subroutine(s):
Name(s) of contained function(s): Sliding_Weertman, Friction_jgr2007

Description of Sliding Weertman:
Implements Weertman sliding law, so has to be used as a sliding boundary condition. Compute the Bdrag coefficient such as tau_b = Bdrag ub for the non-linear Weertman law tau_b = C ub^m

To linearize the Weertman law, we can distinguish 4 cases:
1. ut=0 , tau_b=0 => Bdrag = infinity (no sliding, first step)
2. ut=0 , tau_b =/0 => Bdrag = C^1/m tau_b^(1-1/m)
3. ut=/0 , tau_b=0 => Bdrag = Cub^(m-1)
4. ut=/0 , tau_b=/0 => case 3

For cases 3 and 4, if ut < ut0, Bdrag = C ut0^{m-1} Known bugs:

Keywords of Sliding Weertman: