Pulling, drawing and extrusion

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One of the early application areas of Elmer was the modeling of optical fiber drawing and fiber coating. For this purpose there are some tailored models that are particularly well suited for resolving steady-state pulling, drawing and extrusion problems. Later some models have been developed even more complicated 3D problems.

The most relevant solvers in the Models Manual include:

  • FlowSolver: the Navier-Stokes solver
  • MeshSolver: accomodates for the mesh deformation
  • FreeSurfaceReduced: finds the radius assuming flux conservation
  • StructuredFlowLine: 2D and 3D extrusion problems
  • ...

The most relavant test cases in the distribution include:

  • coating: coating in axisymmetric drawing process
  • ...

If you have any work you would like to share on this aspect of Elmer, please feel free to contribute.