Lubrication and squeezed films

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Flow in narrow regions suites Elmer quite well since the Reynolds number is often rather small making the equation elliptic in nature. The monolithic formulation of Elmer can deal with such flow fields with ease. There is also a reduced dimensional Reynolds equation including the effects of cavitation. The lubrication may also be quite easily coupled with elastic and thermal phenomena making Elmer applicable to a large variety of problems.

The most relevant solvers in the Models Manual include:

  • FlowSolver: the 2d & 3d Navier-Stokes solver
  • ReynoldsSolver: the reduced dimensional flow solver

The most relavant test cases in the distribution include:

  • reynolds1: film pressure between rotating non-cocentric cylinders in true 2D coordinates
  • reynolds2: film pressure between rotating non-cocentric cylinders in the plane with periodic BCs
  • ElasticLubrication: simple 2D case with elastic
  • LubricationTunedForce: simple 2D with feedback for force control

If you have any work you would like to share on this aspect of Elmer, please feel free to contribute.