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Wood Modeling with Elmer

Currently several institutions start working to provide solvers for wood specific simulations. The first on was a result of a master thesis written at Insitut for Wood Technology Dresden/ Germany and chair of nonlinear solid mechanics at TU Dresden but others might follow.

Goal is to share those solvers and get linked with other institutions and private persons to advance the solvers and deepen the understanding of transport phenomena and mechanical properties of wood and maybe of wooden materials/composites, etc.

Elmer is used as a basis to provide the general methods used in finite element analysis and extended with user-functions for nonlinear parameters and solvers for nonlinear (coupled) partial differential equations.

For contact mail me: xtwoodsim(.Ät.)posteo.de


Follow those links to download the solvers

strongly coupled hygrothermal modeling below fiber saturation point
please report issues at the savannah

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