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Surface velocity of Greenland computed with Elmer/Ice (credit: F. Gillet-Chaulet)
Currently, the largest homogeneous user group of Elmer is within Glaciology, which deals with all aspects of frozen water, commonly known as ice. Especially the dynamics of ice masses (ice-sheets and -shelves, glaciers) have been/are objects of investigations using Elmer as the numerical tool.

Related Publications

Please take a look at

for a list of peer reviewed Glaciological papers.

Elmer/Ice - Repository

please follow this link

to download code needed for your glacier/Ice-sheet simulations. All code is published under the same license as Elmer (GPL2 or later)

Course material

The following projects have been dealing/are being dealt with using Elmer

  • Gorshkov Crater (mechanical deformation of firn)
  • Lovenbreen Svalbard
  • Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS)
  • ISMIP-HOM (Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project - Higher Order Models)
  • MISMIP (Marine Ice Sheet Intercomparison)
  • MISMIP3D (The third dimension in Marine Ice Sheet Intercomparison)
  • Shirase Glacier (N-E Antarctica)
  • Dome F region (including anisotropy)
  • Elmer is used as a tool within the EU FP7 project ice2sea ice2sea
  • Elmer is used as a tool within the Nordic Centre of Excellence SVALI SVALI

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