Crystal growth and phase change

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One of the first applications of Elmer was the modeling of Czockralksi crystal growth. Many features have been developed this application in mind: Lagrangian phase change models, heat transfer via radiation, rotating coordinate system etc. Also Eulerian phase change models exist to account for tracking the phase change interface.

The most relevant solvers in the Models Manual include:

  • HeatSolver: the heat solver with internal Eulerian phase change
  • MeshSolver: accomodates the mesh for Lagrangian case
  • TransientPhaseChange
  • SteadyPhaseChange
  • LevelsetSolver: a rudimentary version of Eulerian level-set technique
  • ...

The most relavant test cases in the distribution include:

  • PhaseChange: Eulerian
  • PhaseChange2: Lagrangian and steady state
  • PhaseChange3: Lagrangian and transient
  • ...

If you have any work you would like to share on this aspect of Elmer, please feel free to contribute.