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Name of the source code file: ComputeNormal.f90
Name(s) of contained subroutine(s): ComputeNormalSolver
Name(s) of contained function(s): ---

Description of ComputeNormalSolver:
Solver for computing nodal normal vectors on boundaries based on an averaged value of the adjacent elements. Mind that in parallel computations that needs halo-elements, such that cross-partition information is available.

Keywords of ComputeNormalSolver:

Solver 1
   Exec Solver = "Before Simulation"
   Equation = "Normal vector"
   Variable = "Normal Vector"   
   ! in 3dimensional simulations we have 3 entries
   Variable DOFs = 3 
   !NB: does not need to actually solve a matrix
   !    hence no BW optimization needed
   Optimize Bandwidth = Logical False 
   Procedure = "ComputeNormal" "ComputeNormalSolver"
   ! if set to True, all boundary normals would be computed by default
   ComputeAll = Logical False

! on this boundary, we want the normals to be computed
Boundary Condition 1
    ComputeNormal = Logical True

! on this boundary, we want to skip computation of the normals
!       (default, but overrulled by ComputeAll = Logical True)
Boundary Condition 2
    ComputeNormal = Logical False