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Name of the source code file: ComputeDevStressNS.f90
Name(s) of contained subroutine(s): ComputeDevStress
Name(s) of contained function(s): ---

Description of ComputeDevStress:
Module containing a solver for computing deviatoric or Cauchy stress from flow solution. For a 2D simulation there are 4 DOFs (S11, S22, S33, S12), for a 3D simulation, 2 additional are being solved for (S11, S22, S33, S12, S23, S31).

Keywords of ComputeDevStress:

Solver 1
  Equation = String "StressSolver"
  Procedure =  File "ComputeDevStressNS" "ComputeDevStress"
  ! this is just a dummy, hence no output is needed
  Variable = -nooutput "Sij"
  Variable DOFs = 1
  ! the name of the variable containing the flow solution (U,V,W,Pressure)
  Flow Solver Name = String "Flow Solution"
  Exported Variable 1 = "Stress" ! [Sxx, Syy, Szz, Sxy] in 2D
                                 ! [Sxx, Syy, Szz, Sxy, Syz, Szx] in 3D
  Exported Variable 1 DOFs = 6   ! 4 in 2D, 6 in 3D
  Linear System Solver = "Iterative"
  Linear System Iterative Method = "BiCGStab"
  Linear System Max Iterations = 300
  Linear System Convergence Tolerance = 1.0E-09
  Linear System Abort Not Converged = True
  Linear System Preconditioning = "ILU0"
  Linear System Residual Output = 1

Material 1
  ! we want to have the Cauchy stress
  Cauchy = Logical True
  Viscosity = Real 1.0E13

--Tzwinger 07:38, 1 October 2009 (UTC)