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There are now Debian/Ubuntu packages for Elmer. Install as follows:

  • Debian unstable or testing (squeeze): they are in the Debian archive, just use apt, aptitude, synaptic etc. to get the "elmer" package.
  • Debian stable (etch) and Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid), follow instructions at the Opennovation Debian and Ubuntu archive pages. (Note: no new releases are planned for Debian etch.)

Note: if your version is earlier than subversion r4499, you must run ElmerGUI from the Applications menu, or set the environment variables as given in the file /usr/share/applications/ElmerGUI.desktop .

The elmer and libelmer-dev packages are in the Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and 10.04 Lucid Lynx releases in the "universe" section (subversion r4214 and r4262 respectively), and elmer-doc is in Lucid only. The elmer-doc package contains all of the PDF documentation and a .tar.gz archive of example files.

Elmer can be installed on Ubuntu Karmic Koala or Lucid Lynx from the Ubuntu Universe or Opennovation repositories through the Ubuntu software center or Synaptic Package Manager:

  • Software Center: Select: Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center, then from the program select "Science" and then "Elmer" and "Install".
  • Synaptic: Quick search "elmer" then right-click the elmer package and select "Mark for Installation" and "Apply".
  • To configure the equations present in the GUI (after installation), run Synaptic, Quick search "elmer", select elmer, and use the menu entry "Package | Configure..." When you use this method, your selections will be stored, otherwise you'll need to re-create links by hand each time you upgrade.

You can build from svn if you need something newer, or if you want to do some development. If you want to build from svn, it's helpful to look at the source package by running:

apt-get source elmerfem

Then look in the elmerfem-[version]/debian directory for files which define the package:

  • control has a list of packages you need to build Elmer with full support for MPI, node-based partitioning using Scotch, and all of the linear solvers (except non-free PARADISO)
  • rules has the build procedure (in makefile format)
  • changelog details all of the package changes over time
  • The patches/ subdirectory includes Debian's patches, some of which are suitable for upstream inclusion and others are very Debian-specific

These should offer some helpful guidance when you build from SVN.