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Elmer is an open source finite element software for multiphysical problems
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types::valuehandle_t Type Reference
Collaboration diagram for types::valuehandle_t:

Public Attributes

type(element_t), pointer element => NULL()
type(valuelist_t), pointer list => NULL()
type(valuelist_t), pointer ptr => NULL()
type(nodes_t), pointer nodes
integer, pointer indexes
integer n
real(kind=dp), dimension(:),
logical initialized = .FALSE.
logical allocationsdone = .FALSE.
logical constanteverywhere = .FALSE.
logical constantinlist = .FALSE.

Member Data Documentation

logical types::valuehandle_t::allocationsdone = .FALSE.
logical types::valuehandle_t::constanteverywhere = .FALSE.
logical types::valuehandle_t::constantinlist = .FALSE.
real(kind=dp) types::valuehandle_t::constantvalue
type(element_t), pointer types::valuehandle_t::element => NULL()
integer, pointer types::valuehandle_t::indexes
logical types::valuehandle_t::initialized = .FALSE.
type(valuelist_t), pointer types::valuehandle_t::list => NULL()
integer types::valuehandle_t::n
character(len=max_name_len) types::valuehandle_t::name
type(nodes_t), pointer types::valuehandle_t::nodes
type(valuelist_t), pointer types::valuehandle_t::ptr => NULL()
real(kind=dp), dimension(:), pointer types::valuehandle_t::values

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