Elmer FEM solver
Elmer is an open source finite element software for multiphysical problems
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Program ViewFactors
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Data Types

module  viewfactorglobals
real(kind=dp), dimension(:,:),
program viewfactors
subroutine itersolv (N, x, b)
subroutine diagprec (u, v, ipar)

Detailed Description

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine diagprec ( real(kind=dp), dimension(*)  u,
real(kind=dp), dimension(*)  v,
integer, dimension(*)  ipar 

Referenced by itersolv(), and viewfactors().

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subroutine viewfactors::itersolv ( integer  N,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:)  x,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:)  b 

Local handle to the iterative methods for linear systems.

References diagprec(), and matvec().

Referenced by normalizefactors().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

program viewfactors ( )

A separate program that computes the view factors to an external file. This file is later used within the ElmerSolver. If the view factor files do not exist, a system call for this program is performed.

References diagprec(), messages::error(), messages::fatal(), defutils::getbc(), defutils::getbcid(), defutils::getboundaryelement(), defutils::getconstreal(), defutils::getelementfamily(), defutils::getelementnodes(), defutils::getelementnofnodes(), defutils::getinteger(), defutils::getlogical(), defutils::getsimulation(), defutils::getsolverparams(), defutils::getstring(), messages::info(), elementdescription::initializeelementdescriptions(), lists::listcheckpresent(), lists::listgetconstreal(), lists::listgetlogical(), lists::listgetstring(), modeldescription::loadmodel(), matvec(), normalizefactors(), elementdescription::normalvector(), nx, ny, meshutils::setcurrentmesh(), solver(), and messages::warn().

Referenced by gebhardtfactors(), and radiationfactors().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

real(kind=dp), dimension(:,:), allocatable viewfactorglobals::jacobian

Referenced by matvec(), and normalizefactors().