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Elmer is an open source finite element software for multiphysical problems
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smoothers Module Reference

Public Member Functions

real(kind=dp) function mgsmooth (Solver, A, Mesh, x, b, r, Level, DOFs, PreSmooth, LowestSmooth, CF)

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

real(kind=dp) function smoothers::mgsmooth ( type(solver_t), pointer  Solver,
type(matrix_t), pointer  A,
type(mesh_t)  Mesh,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:), target  x,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:), target  b,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:), target  r,
integer  Level,
integer  DOFs,
logical, optional  PreSmooth,
logical, optional  LowestSmooth,
integer, dimension(:), optional, pointer  CF 

References bgs(), bicg(), bsgs(), ccg(), cg(), cjacobi(), csgs(), direct1dsmoother(), messages::fatal(), gs(), messages::info(), internalsgs(), jacobi(), lists::listgetconstrealarray(), lists::listgetinteger(), lists::listgetintegerarray(), lists::listgetstring(), mgmv(), mgnorm(), parallelutils::parallelmatrix(), parallelutils::parallelupdateresult(), parallelutils::parallelupdatesolve(), postsgs(), sgs(), smoothedgs(), smoothedjacobi(), smoothedsgs(), solver(), testgs(), uzawa(), vanka(), and messages::warn().

Referenced by amgsweep(), multigrid::cmgsolve(), cmgsweep(), multigrid::gmgsolve(), gmgsweep(), and pmgsweep().

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