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clusteringmethods Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine chooseclusternodes (Amat, Solver, Components, EliminateDir, CF)

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine clusteringmethods::chooseclusternodes ( type(matrix_t), pointer  Amat,
type(solver_t), target  Solver,
integer  Components,
logical  EliminateDir,
integer, dimension(:), pointer  CF 

Subroutine creates clusters of connections in different ways. The default method uses only information from the matrix connectios. The geometric version makes clusters using recursive splitting in each coordinate direction. There is also a version that assumes that the initial mesh was created using extrusion and this extrusion may be taken back in clustering.

References clusterextrudedmesh(), meshutils::clusternodesbydirection(), cmgbonds(), cmgclusterform(), messages::fatal(), messages::info(), lists::listgetinteger(), lists::listgetstring(), passiveextrudedmesh(), setparallelpassive(), and solver().

Referenced by multigrid::cmgsolve().

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