Elmer FEM solver
Elmer is an open source finite element software for multiphysical problems
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Here are the data types with brief descriptions:
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oCadaptiveModule for adaptive meshing routines. The adaptivity is based on solver-specific error indicators that are used to create a field with the desired mesh density. This may be used by some mesh generators to create a more optimal mesh
oCbandmatrixModule defining utility routines & matrix storage for band matrix format. This module is currently of no or, only little use as the default matrix storage format is CRS
oCbandwidthoptimizeModule for reordering variables for bandwidth and/or gaussian elimination fillin optimization. Also computes node to element connections (which implies node to node connections, and thus the global matrix structure)
oCblocksolveModule for solution of matrix equation utilizing block strategies
oCclusteringmethodsModule containing various clustering methods that may be used in conjunction with algebraic multigrid methods, for example
oCcoordinatesystemsModule defining coordinate systems
oCcrsmatrixModule defining utility routines & matrix storage for sparse matrix in Compressed Row Storage (CRS) format
oCdefutilsModule containing utility subroutines with default values for various system subroutine arguments. For user defined solvers and subroutines this module should provide all the needed functionality for typical finite element procedures
oCdifferentialsThis module contains some built-in material laws, and also some vector utilities, curl, dot, cross, etc. Some of these may be of no use currently
oCdiffuseconvectiveDiffuse-convective local matrix computing in cartesian coordinates. Used by a number of solvers
oCdiffuseconvectivegeneralDiffuse-convective local matrix computing in general euclidian coordinates
oCdirectsolveModule containing the direct solvers for linear systems given in CRS format. Included are Lapack band matrix solver, multifrontal Umfpack, MUMPS, SuperLU, and Pardiso. Note that many of these are linked in with ElmerSolver only if they are made available at the compilation time
oCeigensolveModule containing ARPACK routines for the solution of Eigenvalue problems
oCelementdescriptionModule defining element type and operations. The most basic FEM routines are here, handling the basis functions, global derivatives, etc..
oCelementutilsSome basic finite element utilities
oCexchangecorrelationsThis module contains different parametrizations for the exchange-correlation energy density (function exc(r,s,ixc) and the function uxc(r,s,ispin,ixc) calculating the corresponding exchange-correlation potential. Here r is the electron density, s is spin density and ixc is one of the integer parameters
oCfetisolveBasic FETI solver, for Poisson & Navier style of equations
oCfreesurfaceInternal free surface utilities
oCgeneralutilsMiscallenous utilities
oChashtableHash table build & lookup routines
oCintegrationModule defining Gauss integration points and containing various integration routines
oCinterpolationModule containing interpolation and quadrant tree routines
oCiterativemethodsModule containing iterative methods. Uses the calling procedure of the HUTIter package for similar interfacing. The idea is that the future development of iterative methods could be placed in this module
oCitersolveModule containing a the control for iterative solvers for linear systems that come with the Elmer suite
oClinearalgebraLinear Algebra: LU-Decomposition & matrix inverse & nonsymmetric full matrix eigenvalues (don't use this for anything big, use for example LAPACK routines instead...)
oClistsList handling utilities. In Elmer all the keywords are saved to a list, and later accessed from it repeatedly. Therefore these subroutines are essential in Elmer programming
oCludecompositionLU Decomposition & matrix inverse of small full matrices. Don't use this for anything big, use for example LAPACK routines instead
oCmagnetodynamicsutilsSolve Maxwell equations in vector potential formulation (or the A-V formulation) and (relatively)low frequency approximation using lowest order Withney 1-forms (edge elements)
oCmainutilsUtility routines for the elmer main program
oCmaterialmodelsModule for material models of fluids mainly
oCmaxwellModule computing MHD Maxwell equations (or the induction equation) local matrices (cartesian coordinates)
oCmaxwellaxisModule computing MHD Maxwell equations (or the induction equation) local matrices (cartesian coordinates)
oCmaxwellgeneralModule computing MHD Maxwell equations (or the induction equation) local matrices
oCmeshutilsMesh manipulation utilities for *Solver - routines
oCmessagesMessage output routines for sending information and dealing with exceptions
oCmodeldescriptionModule that defined the Model: reads in the command file, mesh and results etc
oCmultigridModule containing various versions of multigrid solvers: geometric, algebraic, clustering and p-multigrid
oCnavierstokesModule computing Navier-Stokes local matrices (cartesian coordinates)
oCnavierstokescylindricalModule computing Navier-stokes local matrices in cylindrical coordinates
oCnavierstokesgeneralModule computing Navier-Stokes local matrices in general coordinate system (i.e. not cartesian, axisymmetric or cylindrically symmetric
oCparalleleigensolveParallel solver for eigenvalue problems
oCparallelutilsParallel solver utilities for *Solver - routines
oCparticleutilsModule including generic utilities for particle dynamics and tracking
oCpelementbaseModule defining p element basis functions. All p basis (and related) functions are defined here, as well as few helper routines for determining if an element is p element. For mappings related to p elements see module PElementMaps
oCpelementmapsModule defining mappings for p elements. These include nodal points contained by faces and edges, element boundary maps (edges for 2d elements, faces for 3d) and mappings from faces to edge numbers. Mappings defined in this module are compatible with basis functions defined in module PElementBase
oCporousmaterialsThis module contains porosity models that are computed at the integration point given the value of matric suction, psy. More materials models could be added
oCradiationUtility routines for radiation computation
oCradiationfactorglobalsModule for solving Gebhardt factors inside the Elmer code
oCsmoothersModule containing the smoothers used in multigrid solvers
oCsolverutilsBasic utilities used by individual solvers
oCsparitercommThese routines are for parallel version of ELMER solver. Subroutines for MPI-communication
oCspariterglobalsThis module contains global variables (or pointers to them) needed by the parallel version of the ELMER iterative solver
oCspariterprecondExternal Preconditioning operations needed by parallel iterative solvers. This is the place to do preconditioning steps if needed Called from HUTIter library
oCsparitersolveModule for the parallel iterative solution in Elmer
oCstatelecboundaryutilsModule for 1D electrostatics boundary conditions. Computes electrostatic force, energy, charge and spring density on the boundary assuming a 1-dimensional electrostatic model. The model may be complicated by holes or thin dielectric layer
oCstressgeneralModule computing local matrices for stress computation in general coordinates
oCstresslocalModule computing local matrices for stress computation (cartesian coordinates, axisymmetric)
oCtimeintegrateTime integration schemes for first and second order partial differential equation with in time
oCtypesType definitions for Elmer library
\CvtklegacyfileModule for saving result in the VTK legacy output ascii format