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Elmer is an open source finite element software for multiphysical problems
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MagnetoDynamics2D.src File Reference


subroutine calculatelumped (nbf)
subroutine bsolver (Model, Solver, dt, Transient)
subroutine bulkassembly ()
subroutine magnetodynamics2d (Model, Solver, dt, TransientSimulation)
subroutine inertialmoment (U, A, Element, n, nd)
subroutine torque (U, Element, n, nd)
subroutine potential (U, A, Element, n, nd)
subroutine localmatrix (Element, n, nd)
subroutine localmatrixbc (Element, n, nd)
subroutine getreluctivity (Material, Acoef, n, Element)
subroutine magnetodynamics2dharmonic (Model, Solver, dt, TransientSimulation)
subroutine torque (U, Element, n, nd)
subroutine potential (U, A, Element, n, nd)
subroutine localmatrix (Element, n, nd)
subroutine bsolver_init (Model, Solver, dt, Transient)
subroutine addlocalfaceterms (STIFF, FORCE)
subroutine localjumps (STIFF, Face, n, P1, n1, P2, n2)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine bsolver ( type(model_t)  Model,
type(solver_t)  Solver,
real(kind=dp)  dt,
logical  Transient 

Given the vector potential computes its gradient i.e. the magnetic field intensity.

solverLinear & nonlinear equation solver options
modelAll model information (mesh, materials, BCs, etc...)
dtTimestep size for time dependent simulations
transientSteady state or transient simulation

References bulkassembly(), coordinatesystems::coordinatesystemdimension(), crsmatrix::crs_sortmatrix(), defutils::defaultdirichletbcs(), defutils::defaultfinishassembly(), defutils::defaultinitialize(), defutils::defaultsolve(), messages::fatal(), elementutils::freematrix(), defutils::getinteger(), defutils::getlogical(), defutils::getsolverparams(), defutils::getstring(), messages::info(), meshutils::periodicprojector(), solver(), and lists::variableget().

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subroutine bsolver::bulkassembly ( )
subroutine calculatelumped ( integer  nbf)

References defutils::getactiveelement(), defutils::getbodyforce(), defutils::getbodyforceid(), defutils::getbodyparams(), defutils::getelementnofdofs(), defutils::getelementnofnodes(), defutils::getlogical(), defutils::getnofactive(), generalutils::i2s(), inertialmoment(), lists::listaddconstreal(), parallelutils::parallelreduction(), potential(), and torque().

Referenced by magnetodynamics2d(), and magnetodynamics2dharmonic().

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