Elmer FEM solver
Elmer is an open source finite element software for multiphysical problems
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EnergyRelease.src File Reference


subroutine releaseratesolver (Model, Solver, dt, TransientSimulation)
subroutine localreleaserate (LocalGtheta, LocalPropagationShape, LocalDisplacement, LocalStress, n)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine releaseratesolver::localreleaserate ( real(kind=dp)  LocalGtheta,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:,:)  LocalPropagationShape,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:,:)  LocalDisplacement,
real(kind=dp), dimension(:,:)  LocalStress,
integer  n 

References elementdescription::elementinfo(), integration::gausspoints(), defutils::getelementnodes(), and localstress().

Referenced by releaseratesolver().

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