Performing scanning over parameter space

In ElmerSolver there is a possibility to scan over the parameter space. Unfortunately this uses time stepping in a special way so it is not applicable for transient cases. However, for steady state and harmonic problems it may be very useful.

To perform scanning in the Simulation section set

  Simulation Type = Transient
  Timestep Intervals = 100
  Output Intervals = 10

The time will automatically go as 1,2,3,… and you can have all variables be dependent on this pseudotime.

For example, you could scan over Youngs modulus in Material section

Material 1 
  Name = "structure"
  Youngs modules = Variable time
    Real MATC "1.23*tx"

or inlet velocity as Boundary condition

Boundary Condition 1
  Target Boundaries(1) = 1 
  Name = "inlet"
  Velocity 1 = Variable Coordinate 2, time 
    Real MATC "tx(0)*(1-tx(0))*tx(1)"

Often you like to save some lumped results after each scanned parameter values. For that you may want to study the SaveScalars solver that allows saving a such quantities to a text file to be analyzed.