Elmer Webinar

We are having a Elmer webinar in spring 2021 given by Elmer Team at CSC and other developers and advanced users. To sign up for the webinar use the link below:

Preminary program for the webinar series:

  • 11.3. Elmer Team:
    Introduction to Elmer & How to teach yourself Elmer
  • 18.3. Elmer Team:
    Overview of capabilities of Elmer – where to go from here?
  • 25.3. Elmer Team:
    Parallel Computing with Elmer 
  • 1.4. Juris Vencels:
    Elmer-OpenFOAM library
  • 8.4. Eelis Takala & Frederic Trillaud:
    Electrical circuits with Elmer with applications
  • 15.4. Mika Malinen:
    Solvers for solid mechanics – Recent progress
  • 22.4. Minhaj Zaheer:
    Induction Machine Open-source FEA Computations comparison with Measurement and Commercial FEA
  • 29.4. Arved Enders-Seidlitz:
    pyelmer – Python interface for Elmer workflow
  • 20.5. Roman Szewczyk, Anna Ostaszewska-Liżewska, Dominika Kopala & Jakub Szałatkiewicz:
    Industrial applications oriented, microwave modelling in Elmer

Additional slots available: contact organizers if you’re interested!

Material of the webinar series will be shared via file server at: